May 282016
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How many words do we need to use in our work? As it turns out, just 889, according to John Smart of Smart Communications, Inc. Smart described Simplified Technical English to the New England Chapter at the Waltham Public Library on the evening of May 11th. Continue reading »

May 052016
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Nancy Allison

STC New England President Nancy Allison presented technical communication disasters she experienced in her 32-year career, and told attendees how she resolved them, in a monthly program called “Disaster Recovery: Fixing a Documentation Mess,” at the Hilton Garden Inn in Burlington, Mass., on April 20th. Continue reading »

May 012016
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Icon of curved line progressively simplified into a straight lineTo quote engineer Leonardo De Vinci, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” This statement can apply to the clarity of technical documentation. Advances in electronic publishing, global internet, social media, and artificial intelligence now offer companies an easy method to simplify and distribute complex technical information to global readers.
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Apr 062016
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Icon of burning document

Have you been asked to bring a slew of legacy documents up to par, or merge another organization’s documents with yours, or help a fellow tech writer do a better job? If so, you need to learn the best possible ways to minimize the frustration and tedium of these tasks, and maximize the enjoyment!  Continue reading »