Mar 182018
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The Millennial audience

What kind of technical communication works for millennials? The Philadelphia Metro Chapter is hosting a webinar on March 22 about how to write for this large and growing audience.

The webinar looks at how to write to the needs and expectations of the always-connected Millennial generation, and how to develop archetypes and construct personas for that audience. The session is based on a year-long content experiment conducted by the presenter, Pooja Vijay Kumar, on some 3000 millennials across Asia.

Pooja works at the California College of the Arts, San Francisco. Previously, Pooja worked at Oracle on content strategy for enterprise applications. She has presented at Write the Docs in the San Francisco Bay area and at the Big Design Conference in Texas; spoken at STC India Chapter regional conferences; and conducted workshops and learning sessions for young women through initiatives led by ITU, United Nations.

This webinar is the March program of the STC Philadelphia Metro Chapter (PMC). The webinar is scheduled for Thursday, 22 March, from 7–8 pm Eastern time. The webinar costs $7 for PMC or STC members, $5 for students or unemployed members, and $9 for non-members. For more information or to register for the webinar, go to

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