May 282017

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[Ed. note: Steve Greffenius is the manager of the Chapter’s job bank.]

From time to time writers discover job leads that look good. Nevertheless they can’t follow up on their own behalf, and they can’t think of any friends who need work. If this is the case with you, you can refer the hiring manager or recruiter to Steven Greffenius at the Chapter’s job bank, a members-only service to help fellow writers find good jobs and projects.

Attractive posts at the job bank have these qualities:

  • Local position or project
  • Local hiring manager or recruiter
  • Chapter members interested because they are qualified
  • Contact information to inquire with an individual

You can tell recruiters or hiring managers to contact me directly. Then they know exactly what the Chapter has published on their behalf. My email address is

With each referral, you help our members — and the people who need a good writer.

About the Author

Steven Greffenius

Steven Greffenius, Chapter Secretary and past President of the Boston Chapter, is manager of the STC New England job bank. He is Principal at Puzzle Mountain Digital.