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Members from the New England chapter gathered at The Great Wall in Bedford, Mass. on June 15 to celebrate the chapter’s accomplishments and recognize members’ contributions.

Members enjoyed the food and desserts from the restaurant’s buffet, and members had the chance to network. Some longtime members saw each other for the first time in several months.

“I was happy to reconnect with so many friends, and to make new ones,” said Steve Greffenius, who helps manage the chapter’s job bank.

Council member Patty Gale led a ceremony where chapter members were recognized for their contributions to the chapter’s success for 2015-2016. These recognitions are described below:

Nancy Allison–Nancy has been Chapter President for two years. She helped organize council meetings, find speakers for monthly programs, coördinated volunteer efforts, and helped things run smoothly. She will become the Immediate Past President for 2016-2017.

Emily Alfson–Emily was the Immediate Past President for the past two years. Even though she relocated to southeastern Michigan two years ago, she attended council meetings remotely, and she helped coördinate InterChange in 2015 and 2016. She stepped up to become interim Treasurer after Cindy Cookson left the chapter in January.

Virginia Adams–While Emily was interim Treasurer since January, Virginia recently stepped forward to become the new interim Treasurer.

Cindy Joyner–Cindy joined the council this year and served as Secretary. She attended council meetings regularly and took minutes, which were shared with the rest of the council. She also helped out in the chapter’s monthly programs, including checking people in.

Art Campbell–Art, a longtime council member, managed the chapter’s website. He is helping our chapter move its website from Wild Apricot to WordPress.

Mark Decker–Mark reached out to colleges and universities in the region and made contact with department heads, professors, and instructors of technical communication programs and courses. He visited students to present the STC as an important career-building and professional organization. This is vital to growing the ranks of our chapter and profession.

Paul Duarte–Paul joined the council this year and stepped up to help where it was needed. He helped run icebreaker activities in the September and October programs, and hosted a viewing party at UMass Dartmouth for February’s program. As a new member of the profession, Paul was cited for displaying a passion for technical communication.

Michael Martinelli–Michael joined the council this year and was responsible for member outreach. He made efforts to increase the chapter’s membership and attendance at events. He also provided important viewpoints and input into decisions the chapter made.

Eric Strachan–Eric joined the council this year and took on the chapter’s social media strategy. He advertised chapter programs and events on social media, as well as making posts relevant to the profession, starting conversations, and engaging members to contribute. Eric cast a net and brought together members.

Patty Gale–Patty has served on the council for two years as Program Coordinator. During that time, she helped organize the monthly programs and did other tasks to make things happen in the chapter. She is leaving the council after this year.

Steve Jong–Steve managed the chapter’s news site by soliciting articles from members, editing them, and posting them. He also organized and managed the chapter’s mentoring program, recruiting 13 mentors and 6 mentees. Finally, he held a Scribbling Tipplers networking dinner in Nashua, N.H. on the second Wednesday of each month.

Regina DeAngelo–Regina hosted a Scribbling Tipplers networking dinner on the third Tuesday of each month in Providence, R.I. to help build a community and help the chapter reach out to members in southern New England.

Karen Smith–Working as a volunteer behind the scenes, Karen added new members from the STC national database and performs membership maintenance duties, which are important to the care and maintenance of the chapter.

Steve Greffenius–Steve maintained the chapter’s job bank, which is a free way to host job advertisements and a great way to help local technical communicators find work. Steve received job leads and posted them to the bank.

In addition, the presenters for the monthly programs this past year were recognized.

The ceremony ended with a look towards the future. On the walls of the seating area were shields, weapons, and other items associated with particular roles and duties. The chapter wants members to step up and become “champions” of different roles for 2016-2017.

Nominations for next year’s council ended Friday, June 17th. Ballots were distributed on Monday June 20th and voting will be open through next Friday, June 24th.

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