Apr 132016
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Use the STC New England job bank to find and fill jobs. Job seekers find positions they are qualified for. Recruiters and hiring managers find qualified candidates. Anyone with a job to announce can post for free. Send announcements to sgreffenius@gmail.com, or contact me at LinkedIn. Only chapter members have access to the announcements. Consequently hiring managers know the inquiries they receive come from interested candidates.

For chapter members, here’s something you can do to support the job bank. If you receive a job notice through your network that you believe your colleagues would like to see, please forward it to me. Best notices for our members have these qualities:

  1. Hiring firm is located in New England, unless the work is defined as remote.
  2. Recruiter or hiring manager is familiar with the New England job market for writers, editors, and technical publishers.
  3. Technical communicators, broadly speaking, are qualified to do the work.
  4. Announcement contains specific information to enable members to judge whether they want to respond.
  5. Post ends with an invitation to contact a person, not fill out a form and submit a résumé at a job application site.

We are eager to make the chapter job bank a busy marketplace for our members, and for the region’s hiring managers. You can help your colleagues a lot this way!

About the Author

Steven Greffenius

Steven Greffenius, past President of the Boston Chapter, is manager of the STC New England job bank. He is Principal at Puzzle Mountain Digital.