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The Agile management system is implemented widely across the technical writing field as a form of incremental, interactive, and flexible project development. At its core Agile management exists similarly across practices but specific implementations are likely to differ with the particular needs of the organization. As technical writers we stand to benefit from a deeper knowledge of this system, our role in the process, and the larger picture as a whole. How exactly does Agile work? How do the pieces all connect? What can I do to utilize the Agile system to my advantage as a technical writer?

Join us on Wednesday January 20th as John Garison shares with us the benefit of his more than ten years experience with the Agile method. John’s talk will provide an overview of the Agile system and give insight and perspective to benefit any implementation specifics. Scrums, backlogs, user stories, sprints, your questions, and more will all be covered during our first program of the new year.


About John Garison:

John Garison has been a technical writer since before CRT monitors were a thing. He delights in sharing information and war stories about interesting topics. John’s experience in writing about operating systems, programming languages, business applications, and electronic health records (among other things) gives him a unique perspective on most things documentation-related. He’s an STC Associate Fellow and taught technical writing at Harvard University. Despite living on a dead-end dirt road in rural Vermont, his gigabit fiber optic internet lets him keep up with the real world.


Registration Information

Dinner registration closes at 6 pm on Monday, January 18.

If you miss this deadline, call Cindy Cookson at 978-828-5586. If there is any way to accommodate you, she will work it out!
Dinner program cancellations that are received by 6 pm on Monday, January 18, will be fully refunded. Dinner program cancellations received after that time generally will not be refunded unless Cindy can work something out.

If you have any questions about registering guests, please feel free to email webmaster@stcnewengland.org

Want to attend via webinar? Register here!


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