Dec 152015
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To make sure we are meeting the needs of our members and chapter friends, the STC New England council conducted a survey of those who registered for the program or webinar offered on November 19, 2015: “Videos as Learning Content: How to Get Started” presented by Lisa McCarty and Jeff Hanson.

Out of 56 registrants, 20 people responded to the survey. Here are the results:

Pie chart showing 20 responses to the question "In terms of practical knowledge, I feel confident that I know how to get started on a video project." 85% strongly agreed or agreed; 15% were neutral.STC New England

85% of respondents felt confident they now knew how to get started

  • 85% strongly agree or agree with (and the remaining 15% are neutral about) this statement: In terms of practical knowledge, I feel confident that I know how to get started on a video project. Sample comments:
    • The presenters were very knowledgeable and gave a very clear step-by-step process of what worked for them and why. Top notch from actual SMEs!
    • Lots of good basic practical info — for example, the advice to focus on the narration and edit the video to fit the narration, not the other way around. Appreciate the deliberate emphasis on workflow, not (for example) video editing techniques or similar detail.
    • You always have to actually get your hands dirty to know for sure. I think the presenters couldn’t have been more informative, though!
  • Both speakers rated very well, with 88% or more people rating Jeff and Lisa as good or excellent. Some people commented that they had difficulty hearing Lisa’s soft voice, particularly the webinar attendees. Sample comments:
    • The speakers were very knowledgeable about their topic. Jeff was very enthusiastic and persuasive in his convictions about how video tutorials can be useful and how one can stagger the workflow out so that it doesn’t become overwhelming, especially for a lone writer.
    • Couldn’t hear Lisa on the webinar.
Pie chart showing 20 responses to the question "How do you feel about the November program of STC New England?" 70% chose "It was terrific!" 15% chose "It was good,"and 5% each chose "It was okay," "Could have been better," or "So disappointed."

70% agreed the program was “terrific”

  • When asked “How do you feel about the program?” 70% responded “It was terrific!” and another 15% responded “It was good.” The remaining folks gave it a score of Okay, Could have been better, or So disappointed. Sample comments:
    • It was both practical and forward-looking. Video production is an area where many TWs are now being asked to work without any formal training or experience. This presentation helped present the foundational concepts and provided some lessons learned that will help TWs get started.
    • Very timely for me and good suggestions from people who have been doing this for a while.
    • Excellent topic, well presented. Strong attendance, lots of questions that showed engagement.
  • What topics would you like to see in an upcoming program or at the InterChange conference?
    • A nice complement to this would be different videos for specific types of learning objectives and how approaches to them might differ. When might longer videos be appropriate, for example?
    • Hands-on Camtasia how-to session
    • 1-day workshop on producing a video
    • FrameMaker Extendscript, or Structured FrameMaker
    • Embedded user assistance
    • Has the Tech Doc community fallen out of [love] with expensive content management systems? I hear about more and more companies dumping the likes of SDL Live Architect and ArborText in favor of simpler tools like Flare combined with a good source control application like Perforce. Are the big CMS’s overkill?
  • When asked if they had any further comments, the survey participants responded:
    • Food is not so great but the programming is.
    • Consider changing days of the week and locations for chapter meetings so others can attend who cannot normally be in Burlington on a Wednesday.
    • Need to improve audio quality for webinar attendees.
    • Thank you for sending out this survey. It is great to give attendees a chance to give feedback and ideas for the future!

In response to feedback that the webinar audio was sub-par, we have asked Jeff and Lisa to re-record their presentation. When the recording is available, we’ll send it out to webinar attendees.

Thank you for your feedback on the November program and your input on future topics. We appreciate your comments.

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