Sep 182014

Ever want to walk into a room and have everyone leap to their feet? This is your chance to make that happen!

The 2014 STC New England Competition needs judges in this year’s competition. Judges are the backbone of the competition process, and we are looking to you to help judge so you can share your experience in technical communication. As a judge, you will assess entries in this year’s competition and provide entrants with meaningful feedback on their own work.

Judges’ comments are extremely beneficial to all entrants. Many technical communicators enter the competition not only with the hope of winning an award, but also to receive a meaningful critique of their work from respected peers. Some people enter solely for the feedback. This is your opportunity to share your insight and expertise with technical communicator across the New England community.

Judging benefits you professionally in many ways. It is an educational experience by broadening you to different types and categories of documentation from various industries. You also gain exposure to interesting and innovative ideas. Judging sharpens your focus and analysis on what makes good documentation. You also get to interact with other judges and benefit from their experiences. Finally, it is a great way to give back to the New England community!

Any STC member can volunteer to be a judge — no previous experience is required. New judges are teamed with experienced judges. At the judge’s training and orientation, you will learn the judging criteria, review the judging forms, learn how to craft quality comments, and work in a team to practice judging with sample entries.

If you are concerned about the time commitment required by a judge … you will have approximately four weeks (Oct 17 to Nov 14) until Consensus Day (Nov. 15) to evaluate your assigned entries. Most judges spend several hours per week, some up to eight or ten, looking over assigned entries.

Judges are welcome to enter their work into the STC New England Competition. Consideration will be given to judging assignments so that there isn’t a conflict of interest.

If you are interested in volunteering as a judge or just want to find out more about judging, email us at and we’ll be in touch!