Sep 142014

The 2014 STC New England Competition Web page, Tech Comm Com, is now updated, live, and accepting entries. It is important that the STC New England chapter recognizes the best and brightest achievements in the field of technical communications, but it’s even more important for you — it’s your best showcase and your best opportunity to have outside experts look at your work and give you feedback on what’s right and what you can improve. And, of course, the competition raises your profile within your company because it shows your company off in a great place, with your company’s and your peers.

The competition is open to everyone — STC members and nonmembers, and for the first time, there’s a special (reduced) student entry fee.

The STC Competition provides recognition and feedback to individual technical communication professionals for excellence in technical documentation. You submit an entry, and we distribute it to a group of judges, experienced technical writers and content providers from around New England. Your entry receives a detailed evaluation from three technical communication professionals, and you will receive a summary of the judges’ comments after the competition. And your work could be selected to win an award.

The four entry competition categories in the 2014 STC Competition are:
Informational Materials Category Entries intended to inform the reader of information without a specific call to action. The material is designed to attract the target audience while providing information about a technical or scientific subject, product, service, or organization. Examples are annual reports, articles, books, error messages, magazines, newsletters, periodicals, posters, and research papers, regardless of delivery medium; websites; videos.

Instructional Materials Category Entries that train a user/learner on a particular set of skills and knowledge. Examples are: eLearning, mobile learning, Web-based training (WBT), facilitator guides, instructional animation or videos, student guides, tutorials, webinars.

Promotional Materials Category Entries that market or promote a product, company, individual, or event. The materials must persuade the audience to some action, using integrated text and figures. Examples are brochures, catalogs, fliers, posters, videos.

User Support Materials Category Entries that provide information for independent use to support a user in performing specific tasks. Examples are online help, job aids, quick start or reference guides, reference documents, installation guides, and user guides, regardless of delivery medium.

We’ll bring you the latest news here, and be sure to visit the 2014 STC New England Competition Web page for detailed information on what qualifies as an entry in the four competition categories.

You will also find details on the Web page:

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Entry Rules
  • Competition Judging
  • Calendar of Events

Entry fees for each competition entry are:

  • STC Members — $50 per entry
  • Non-STC Members — $75 per entry
  • Student — $25 per entry

If you are not an STC member, there is still time to sign up or renew so you can take advantage of the lower entry fee for STC members — do that at

If you have any questions about the 2014 STC New England Competition, please send them to to Kurt Krober, Competitions Manager for this year’s New England Competition is waiting for your email — and your entries!