Jun 012014
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It is bittersweet for me to announce that I am relocating to Detroit, Michigan for a new opportunity, and leaving Boston and the New England Chapter of the STC.  I will hand over the presidency to the capable hands of Nancy Allison one month early, passing the gavel at the May program meeting. I have a new challenge waiting for me with a new company, and a city and a state that could use a helping hand. It is an exciting time, but also a little sad to leave a place that has become a second home.

Before I go, I want to share how I came to be here in the first place. In 2006, I was transferred from St Louis, Missouri to Billerica, for my job at APC. I knew one person in the area when I moved, and my tech pubs team was located in Denmark, so I was quite on my own in this strange place. I was lucky enough to have my company send me to the 2006 STC Summit, so I ventured to Las Vegas, won $300 in the casinos, and met a few people along the way.

In the elevator at Bally’s, one of passengers saw my name tag, which included my new city of residence, Nashua, New Hampshire. He mentioned that he was president of the Boston chapter of the STC and invited me to attend a meeting. As a new resident, anything “in Boston” meant getting lost, suffering through horrible traffic jams, and taking my life into my hands driving with the locals.  I gave it little thought and moved on.  Later at the conference, at the Honors Banquet, I recognized the man and went to say hello.  While I chatted with the people at the Boston chapter table, some crazy guy with a camera snapped this photo.

Greg and Emily in 2006

Flash forward to 2014.  The New England chapter stepped up its social media presence, and Immediate Past President Rick Lippincott posted a link to his Flickr photo album of the 2004 Summit on the New England Facebook page.  While browsing through the photos, I stumbled upon a picture of myself, sitting at a table with Greg Bartlett.

Never burn bridges, they say.  You never know where you path will take you.  Good advice, though overused, and often ignored. In this case, it was true. I had no idea that eight years later, I would be attending the Summit again, this time also in the desert, in Phoenix, Arizona, representing the New England Chapter as President, receiving a Community of Excellence Award with my fellow chapter members.  One of whom was Rick Lippincott, the guy who took the photo in 2006.

Community of Excellence Award, 2013 New England Chapter

In two weeks I will be starting a new adventure, this time in my home state of Michigan. I expected to stay in New England for two, maybe three years, and it’s been almost nine. I’ve been fortunate to meet many wonderful people, and a good deal of them through the Boston, Northern New England, and now the New England chapters of the STC. It has been a pleasure to connect with so many wonderful people, and talented colleagues. I will miss you all.

I will continue my role as Immediate Past President remotely and will continue to contribute to the New England chapter, and start will volunteering with the Southeast Michigan Chapter of the STC in the fall.

There is no need to say goodbye. Instead, I will see you soon.

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