Apr 242014

STC New England is a Community of Excellence

STC New England is a Community of Excellence

STC New England Chapter President Emily Alfson received this email today:

As a member of the Community Achievement Award Evaluation Committee (CAAEC), it is my honor to inform you that the STC New England Chapter has earned the Community of Excellence award for 2014.

The citation on your certificate will read:
“For revitalizing your community by re-launching your web site, job bank, competitions, and InterChange conference, and for providing myriad effective programs and social events, thus ensuring a stable foundation on which to rebuild your community”

Your community will be recognized during the Honors Banquet on Tuesday, May 20, at the Summit in Phoenix. At that time you will receive the CAA certificate. If you are not able to attend personally, designate an STC New England Chapter member to accept the certificate on behalf of the community. Please notify Elaine Gilliam (Elaine.Gilliam@stc.org) in the STC office who will be representing STC New England at the Honors Banquet. The STC Board encourages all STC New England Chapter members attending the Summit to be present when your community is honored.

Communities also will be acknowledged for their achievements at Leadership Day on Sunday, May 18. We encourage you to purchase Leadership Day and Banquet tickets in advance of the Summit.

We will have ribbons at registration that read “Proud Member, STC Community of Excellence.” Please tell all of the STC New England members, who plan to attend the Summit, to make sure and pick one up.

Your community had a spectacular year filled with many activities, and has made great progress in bringing your community back to life. The CAAEC hopes that your community will continue to aspire to a high level with a set of impressive initiatives and activities next year.

Detailed comments about your winning entry will be emailed to you soon.
Congratulations to all proud members of the STC New England Chapter!

Tricia Spayer, Chair
STC Community Achievement Awards and Pacesetter Committee