Mar 022014

Have you ever heard of a half-price sale on a first-rate technical communications conference? We didn’t think so. We haven’t either, but your STC New England is always happy to break new ground.

So the STC New England Council and InterChange planning committee announces that chapter sponsorship by Adobe allows a significant reduction in registration costs for InterChange 2014!

Here are the new rates:

  • STC Members: $75 a day or $125 both days.
  • Non-STC Members: $90 a day or $150 both days.

These rates are about half the prior registration, and STC New England will refund the difference if you have already registered.

“Adobe has been an enthusiastic partner to our chapter, and we’re pleased that as a result of Adobe sponsorship we’re able to cut the registration fee for InterChange” STC New England President Emily Alfson said. “This will make the valuable program information accessible to a greater number of technical communicators in our area.”

InterChange 2014 takes place March 29 and 30 at the UMass Lowell Conference Center. The conference features a dozen programs on two tracks: “Core Concepts” and “New Directions.”

“Core Concepts” features information that technical communicators can use in their jobs now. The schedule includes:

  • “Preparing for the Inevitable: What Technical Communicators need to Know about Translation and L10N” by Dean Remy. The presentation is an overview of an effective process to translate and layout documentation into any number of target languages. Dean will offer suggestions for handling issues such as line breaks, conditional text, and other common issues.
  • “Overcoming Design Challenges in HAT-Based Multichannel Content Publishing” by Neil Perlin. Neil will discuss the mechanics of moving traditional help projects (created using tools such as Flare or RoboHelp) to mobile devices. He will talk about the main types of mobile supported by HATs, interface differences between traditional online and mobile, and review an emerging set of GUI tools that can be used to convert a traditional website to mobile form.
  • “Taking the Plunge into Technical Marketing Communications” by Cheryl Landes. Technical marketing communication includes product brochures, case studies, white papers, video and audio scripts, newsletters, and more. Cheryl will present information on the state of the technical marketing communications field, the types of projects to expect, and how to transition into the field.

“New Directions” looks at the aspects of our profession that are changing, and the schedule includes:

  • “Social Me: Taking Control of your Online Image” by Brenda Huettner. Everyone has an online presence, even those who don’t use social media. Our online personas are becoming more important to our overall presentations, and we’ve all heard horror stories about embarrassing old online photos showing up years later at a bad time. Brenda will review some of the more popular social tools and highlight both great successes and miserable failures.
  • “Introduction to Web Services for Technical Communicators” by Ed Marshall. Ed will focus on the growing use of cloud computing, which is expected to grow to a $150 billion industry this year. Right now there’s a growing demand for technical communicators in this field, but few who actually have the skills. Ed will discuss Web Services and what we need to know in order to document them.
  • “Communicating with the Audiences of the Future” by Steve Jong. Steve will take a look at demographic changes that we face in our profession as well as in the STC itself. Baby Boomers and Millennial’s have different expectations and lifestyles; these may well be the defining issues of the workplace for the next 10 to 20 years.

Other speakers include Patty Gale, Karen Smith, Dr. Stanley Doherty, Deb Sauer, John Garison, Viqui Dill, and Char James-Tanney.

The InterChange conference was originated by former STC President Cindy Currie-Clifford, who will be this year’s keynote speaker. After a lapse, it was revived by STC New England last year and was a resounding success.

Here’s the information you need:

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