Jan 172014

Plan for a new career in the new year!

It’s not news to anyone reading this that STC has passed through a tough time. The STC New England Chapter came roaring back to life in 2013 and prospects are excellent for 2014. Membership is way up, we have a full calendar of monthly programs (now with an inexpensive webinar option), added a monthly social event, and the web site is full of content. This news site is bursting with the latest information from local and global technical communicators. The Jobs Bank is back and popping with good jobs, the Competitions have returned and the annual Interchange Conference is back. We’re active on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more social media outlets.

When you join STC or renew your STC membership, remember to include the New England Chapter. This is where the value is for you and for your career — where you live.  

Here are some ways the New England Chapter can help you to take your career to the next level:

  • Continuing Education: Our monthly programs cover a range of topics of value to working technical communicators  (and those seeking work!). Topics include specific tools, methodologies, strategies – all of the many factors involved in producing documentation and earning our pay.
  • Continuing Education, continued: But wait, there’s more! The annual Interchange conference in the spring is like a year of programs in a single weekend! And we have occasional one-day seminars as well. The two API seminars by Ed “Doorbuster” Marshall sold out (with good reason).
  • Honing Your Skills: The annual competitions are an excellent way to get high-quality constructive feedback on your documentation by judges who don’t judge a book by its cover!  This is a good enough reason for many managers to pay for membership for their writers and editors.
  • Building Your Network: Attending events and volunteering for projects and committees is a great way to become known to people and gain endorsements on LinkedIn.  It doesn’t hurt to rub elbows with veterans who know where the jobs are and who’s a great boss!
  • Building Your Resume: Holding an office in a professional society looks great on your resume. Even if you do not hold office, there are projects that need volunteers, and quality work can result in LinkedIn recognition.
  • Building Your Reputation: Become a presenter! Present a monthly program or take a slot at Interchange and become known. We’re all in the business of communicating information to audiences that need it; presenting at a conference is another way to do that, and it’s great for building your career!
If you want to take your career to the next level, the New England Chapter is where the opportunities are, and the friends and colleagues to help you get there!