Jan 142014
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January is a time of renewal. A new year brings a new start and we resolve to eat less, exercise more, take time to relax and smell the roses. It also brings the time to renew your STC membership! Or join or join again, if you were a member in the past but aren’t current.

I am often asked to describe the benefits of being an STC member. In fact, about half of the people who attend our events aren’t STC members and there is often discussion about the value of being a member.

  • Support your local chapter. When you become an STC member, and select the join the New England Chapter, a portion of your membership fee comes back to our chapter. We use this money to fund our events, our monthly program meetings our workshops, and InterChange.
  • Networking. People. Face to face contact. Perhaps the most valuable resource that I have from the STC is the people. At a local level, our monthly programs are a great way to network with colleagues, meet new people, or put your resume in the hands of someone who is hiring.At the international level, the STC Summit introduces you to technical communicators from all over the world who are dealing with the same challenges that you are – and they might have a solution! I’ve had the pleasure of attending three Summits and I honestly say that I leave them with a renewed sense of excitement for my work and it comes from the people that I meet. The same applies for our local meetings!
  • Access to STC resources. When was the last time you learned something new that could improve your work, or help you land the next opportunity? The Society has an impressive library of webinars and education resources. Each month they host several new webinars on various topics related to our field. If you’re feeling a little stuck or like technology is changing faster than you can keep up, try attending a webinar and keep your skills sharp.
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