Dec 162013

Scribbling Tipplers view from the tabletop

Scribbling Tipplers view from the tabletop

On the second Wednesday of December, a band of hardy inebriates gathered at Waxy O’Connor’s Irish Pub ( in Lexington to celebrate the company of their peers. A baker’s dozen of seasoned and raw writers consumed copious quantities of ale and wine, and nachos, carefully avoiding any serious conversation.

Jolly but unidentified elfin tech writers from a major toy distributor visited Scribbling Tipplers in December

Jolly but unidentified elfin tech writers from a major toy distributor visited Scribbling Tipplers in December

Among the attendees were those employed by huge companies, tiny companies, and by no company at all. And one elf from a major international. Some had more years of experience than others had years of existence on this planet. In addition to writers we had managers and editors. We don’t have any groupies yet, but we expect them any month now.

Your humble narrator will admit to a certain very small degree of chagrin at the response he got from his hard-working office manager as he departed the office for an evening of levity with his peers. Her actual words need not be quoted here; it is safe to assume she did not *actually* spend the evening listening to the police scanner for news of our bacchanalia.

Scribbling Tipplers is the name we have given to our monthly gathering. It was created to allow members and prospective members to break out of the isolation so common in our profession, to mingle with their peers and to make some connections on a personal level. It’s been going on for quite some time this year, but I can’t remember much about the earlier meetings….

Scribbling Tipplers is open to all, both working technical communicators, those seeking work, and those who crave the glory and romance of our profession but do not know how to break in. It is an excellent networking opportunity, but more than that it is a great way to make friends with people who actually understand what you do all day!

Put our next get together on your calendar — the second Wednesday in January is 01/08/2014. People begin gathering after 5:00 or so.

And if you were wondering, the answer to the question in the headline is: “No way!”

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Waxy O’Conner’s Pub in Lexington