Dec 122013

Every new STC year provides many program opportunities to strengthen professional skills, make professional connections, and have some fun. The challenge every year is to identify the concerns that are uppermost in the minds of STC members and the wider tech comm community, and provide challenging, enjoyable programs on those topics.

The Year So Far

Since the STC year started in September, 2013, we held theses standout programs and workshops:

Don’t Take Away My Writer — Building Partnerships with Engineering and the Rest of the Organization Greg Bartlett, past President of STC Boston, started off the year on September 18 with a thoughtful presentation based on his years of experience as a tech writer and tech pubs manager. Thirty-four people attended the dinner presentation, and two more attended as webinar participants.

Documenting APIs and SDKs — this daylong workshop was initially presented by Ed Marshall on September 5. This workshop sold out so quickly, we scheduled a second workshop on October 14, and it, too, sold out in two days!

Documenting the Future —  STC’s 60th Anniversary Diamond Jubilee! — On October 16, science fiction author, science curriculum editor, and husband of a tech writer, Michael Burstein presented his thoughts on future possibilities for technical communication. Panelists Marguerite Krupp, Steve Jong, Neil Perlin, and Steve Greffenius shared their thoughts, attendees added their comments, and the discussion was lively. Thirty-nine people attended the dinner program. No webinar was held.

From Unicycle to Jumbo Jet: A Case Study in Moving to Modern Collaborative Toolsets — John Garison, an Associate Fellow of STC, offered the perfect program for anyone who has wondered if collaborative tools such as wikis, can truly replace such long-established tools as FrameMaker, Word, Flare, RoboHelp, and WebWorks. Fifty-one people attended the talk on November 20, 33 at the dinner program and 18 online.

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